Monday, November 1, 2010

Theatre Troupes: Context

Today your group is going to begin researching the CONTEXT of the play you've chosen, in order to begin interpreting. The director and the dramaturg should discuss and give assignments to the other members of the theatre troupe. Remember these important research items:

  • What is the setting of the play?
  • What historical occurrences or situations would the characters of this play consider common knowledge or current events?
  • What race/gender/class are these characters?
  • What is the psychology of each character? Why?
  • Which characters are FLAT and which are DYNAMIC?
  • How does the society and culture of the play affect each character?
  • How should the stage for this era look?
  • What style of clothing would these characters have? Would it change based on their race/gender/class?
  • What sounds will need to be produced? Where can they be procured?
  • Are they're any words in the play that we don't understand or can't pronounce? FIND THEM ALL.

Your group is required to use the sources listed below, all of which are also available through the PSM LRC. Feel free to use other sources at the PSM LRC--I've just linked a few I think will be helpful.

You're group may also use the Internet, provided the site is reliable. One troupe member should be in charge of compiling an MLA Annotated Bibliography.



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