Thursday, October 28, 2010

Theatre notes: Director responsibilities continued...

Gaining Epmphasis

-Why is it easier for a television or screen director to direct the audience’s attention to something than a stage director?
Film can eliminate what ever is un necessary. Stage diector have limited options.

-Movement-How can moving help or hinder a play?

-Height-how can a director alter the height of an actor (without just choosing tall/short actors)
For shorter actors to get noticed they could make bold decisions such as standing on a chair, or making a loud noise.

-Body position-what positions are most powerful?
Facing the audience

-Stage location-What locations on the stage are best to get the audience’s attention?
Center and Up-right(audience's up-left)

-Sound-speakers, silence, cue
During intense pauses, everyone must be silent.
Before an intense pause, there must be a loud gesture such as a deep breath.
To make sure that the audience pays attention to the silence, actors can interject.

-Light-why does this help?
Humans are drawn to more light. Humans can be manipulated by light.

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