Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Death of a Salesman" Film Questions Part 1

Answer questions on loose leaf (typed acceptable) by 10/22. Use complete sentences and evidence when possible.

Character list:
Willy Loman (father)
Linda Loman (mother)
Biff Loman (son)
Happy (Hap) Loman (son)
Charley (neighbor)

“Death of a Salesman” Response Questions
1. Why cast a small (in stature) Willy Loman? What characters seem to purposefully be larger than Willy?

2. What do you notice about the lighting choices during the flashbacks versus the present day scenes? Why would the director make that choice?

3. Why does Linda cover for Willy? What is her goal?

4. Give evidence that Biff is still childish.

5. Why is Willy behaved worst when Biff is around?

6. List the elements against Willy (people, situations, concrete and abstract). Are these his fault? Consider Linda’s statement: “He’s not a great man, but he’s a man.”

7. Is Linda right? Do we need to pay attention to the Willy Loman’s of this world?

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