Friday, October 15, 2010

Monologue Performance start Monday!

Notes from Ms. Finder's visit

Stage presence:
never turn your back to the audience.
be aware: if you can see the audience, they can see you
Keep shoulders facing audience at all times.

project your voice
When turning on stage, be aware that it's harder for the audience to hear.
When to pause--use your interpretation of the character.

Be realistic: what would your character be doing during this monologue?
You are on stage.
No need to move a lot.
Don't let movement take away from the message of your monologue.
Keep the purpose of "monologue" in mind--these are internal thoughts.
Where you look--movements that are believable for the emotion of the lines being spoken.
Balance between cheesy/overdone and looking like you aren't comfortable on stage.
We should know your movements are part of the planning, not your, real, true, nervousness.
Another character is on stage when your character is speaking--pretend someone is there.

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